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SSAE16 (SOC 1, 2, 3)
Information Systems Audit
Computer Forensics
Technology Assessment
Technology Acquisition
Technology Appraisal
Technical Management
Technical Development
Process Development

Technology Assessment - A company's competitive positioning is often dependent upon the technology it utilizes to deliver products and services. In today's market, where technological obsolescence is always just around the corner, it is important to understand where your company stands relative to the competition in the effective utilization of technology. In seeking investment to expand the business it is also imperative that your company be able to demonstrate that it incorporates the best mix of technology and business practice commensurate with the industry within which it operates and competes. Our technology assessment service can give you that objective insight into where you are and where you should be.

Key Benefits

  • Identify the key technologies utilized in a business
  • Rank them against industry accepted norms for the technology
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in current technology deployment
  • Recommend technology enhancement strategies


Question:How can we evaluate the technology base of a company and give an accurate assessment of its breadth and depth?


Answer:It is because we have "been there, done that" in many diverse industries and with many diverse technologies.

  • Schooled in the Fundamentals
We are, by training and by profession, engineers and computer scientists. We apply rigorous methodologies to all we do. We have been called both "anal" and "retentive". We can't argue.
  • Experienced in the History of Technology
We have experienced the evolution of technology, the "S" curves, the "knees" and the "discontinuities". We can recognize an old idea in a new outfit. This is not to say that old ideas, applied to new circumstances, can't be innovative. It's just good to know the difference.
  • Grounded in Realities ofBusiness
Because of our breadth of business experience we can remain objective in the face of the best "hype" assaults. We believe that these are exciting times with massive opportunities for those delivering and/or using the newest technologies. But unless the technology fits within a basic business plan, contributing to and augmenting that plan, it may not be adding value.