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SSAE16 (SOC 1, 2, 3)
Information Systems Audit
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Technology Assessment
Technology Acquisition
Technology Appraisal
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Process Development

Technology Acquisition - Acquiring new technology to sustain or enhance your business can be one of the most critical activities your business engages in. It is often left to the vendors of those technologies to define and quantify how your business will benefit from the often substantial capital outlays required. Through our technology acquisition services we can help ensure that the benefits expected are the benefits derived.

Key Benefits

  • Quantify the business requirements for the technology
  • Determine the key vendors
  • Rank the vendors against the technology requirements
  • Recommend the technology and vendor
  • Assist in acquisition negotiations
  • Review technology implementation plans


Question: What enables us to quickly and objectively determine the appropriates technologies to be applied to solve a business problem, evaluate and rank the candidate technologies and recommend the vendor(s) most likely to deliver a solution on schedule and within budget?


Answer: Our experience in helping companies select and deploy billions of dollars of capital equipment in over a dozen major industries.

  • The Life Cycle of Technology
We understand the life cycle of technologies and the fact that these life cycles are continuing to shorten as the pace of technological innovation increases. We can recognize when a technology is ready to go mainstream giving a maximal return on investment. We also recognize an "end-of-lifer".
  • The Benefits versus the Costs of a 1.0 Technology
Acquiring the latest technology has its benefits and its associated risks. We can help identify both the potential benefits as well as the concomitant risks. And then put those benefits and risks into a financial perspective.
  • We understand the Technology Sales Cycle
We can help identify the proper negotiating approach to ensure that both you and your vendors have a successful experience. We have seen all of the sales outcomes - "lose/lose", "win/lose", "lose/win" and "win/win". We can help you win in your negotiations.