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Process Development


You Can’t Manage People -

                                       You Can Manage Process!


People are independent, creative, driven by different motivations and generally unique. How do you expect to get consistent performance from such an inconsistent group? The only path to consistency is through clear and measurable processes for each job function in your organization.


The Realities of Process


Fiction: I don’t need a lot of processes because we are small and everybody knows what to do.


Fact: Small companies have to do all of the same job functions as a large company. Sales, marketing, manufacturing, shipping, accounting, HR and all other functions are not just the purview of large companies. The only difference is thata small company must accomplish these functions with fewer people. Therefore each person must be able to perform multiple job functions efficiently, effectively and consistently. This can only accomplished with well-defined processes.


Fiction: I don’t need process because I have really good “people managers”.


Fact: Good “people managers” tend to foster inconsistent results by adapting their expectations to individuals. They adapt to each new employee. Objective evaluations and performance reviews become almost impossible. In contrast, with well-defined processes, each manager has a clear and achievable measure of performance for each job function and the people assigned to those job functions. New managers can come up to speed rapidly and new employees can start contributing immediately.


Fiction: Documenting processes is expensive.


Fact: Not documenting processes is much more expensive. Lost orders, missed ship dates, poor quality products or services are only a few of the problems that result from a lack of well-defined processes. Increased customer satisfaction, more sales and more productive employees are the result of well-defined processes. Which path would you choose?


Fiction: We can’t afford the time or money it takes to have an army of consultants document our processes.


Fact: It doesn’t take an army of consultants to document your processes. It does take a well-defined, efficient process documentation methodology. After all, they are your processes – you should be able to document them, enhance them and manage them.


Key Benefits


That’s where Spatial Dynamics Corporation comes in. Our unique approach, using our FlowFast™ process methodology, provides you an efficient system to document your current processes, evaluate their effectiveness and enhance them, and manage them for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Identify the key processes utilized in your business
  • Document those processes with our unique methodology
  • Identify training approaches to ensure the processes are applied
  • Identify improvements and new sources of efficiency
  • Recommend process enhancement strategies

Please call us and let us help you improve and expand your business.